You’re here because you want to improve your leadership, your processes or your team’s performance… and ultimately your bottom line.
We’re here to help you achieve this – and much more.

Here are some of the ways our team can help your organisation innovate and grow.
I need LEADERSHIP smarts
Meet Liza. A natural leader with enviable people skills, Liza has fulfilled CEO, COO and CFO roles across a broad range of industries. Whether your organisation needs crisis management, a change in direction or simply a fresh set of eyes to identify what’s holding you back, Liza can stand in, mentor, ensure stability and set you on the right path going forward.
Meet Chris, our project management queen. If you have a bright idea that requires developing or pulling together, she’s the woman for the job. Chris has more than 15 years’ experience leading multimillion-dollar projects across the IT, retail, marketing and operations sectors. She has the skills and experience needed to bring your project to life – from business process development to software deployment and beyond.
Meet Christine. Having spent 10 years travelling and event planning around the world, she’s earned her place in the elite group of Event Management experts. Highly organised with an eagle eye for detail, Christine knows how to avoid the classic pitfalls that can make or break successful event management. She will help step you through the process and manage your event to make it the success it can be.
I need SALES smarts
Meet Mark. With 15 years’ sales experience, he’s mastered every technique in the book – and even developed a few of his own. If your salespeople need a fresh approach to help them beat their targets, Mark’s your man. With his infectious enthusiasm, he’ll help your team sell more product, more effectively and have fun doing it along the way.
I need Business Analyst smarts
Meet Penelope. Having spent the last 20 years dedicated making a difference to businesses alike. With a blink of an eye Penelope can dive into the detail of a project and work out solutions.
Staff performance not up to scratch? We highly recommend the services of training provider Jigsaw. They’re just as dynamic as us, and provide bespoke training solutions to improve your team’s skills, morale and performance.
Need something else?
We pride ourselves on our versatility and what’s featured here only scratches the surface of what we can do. Because we take our clients’ privacy seriously, we can’t always tell you exactly what we’ve done with whom. To find out how we can assist you, please get in touch.