Michael Tane

I greatly appreciated working with Chris firstly as a customer and then as a colleague. Over that time we worked on a number of very tight-scheduled projects involving various internal and external senior stakeholders.

Chris has a unique ability to understand the overall technical solution at a detailed level, and more critically how that solution will impact the various business streams. Her calm and professional demeanor in the face of, at times, extreme pressure is a real asset in any business.

Her constant search for the "gold" solution always meant a well delivered project and the respect of all involved.

I can honestly recommend Chris without hesitation.

Andy Leith

I worked closely with Chris on many projects including some large and relatively complex implementations.

Chris is a highly organised individual who always conducts herself in a very professional manner, whilst remaining approachable and personable.

Adept at working to find solutions to issues, Chris is highly skilled at keeping project teams motivated and focussed.

Great to work with.

Kate Ricketts

Director: Research & Operations at Jigsaw Professional Development
It has been an utter pleasure working with Chris especially in a project team environment. She has an uncanny ability to problem solve and navigate challenges which would floor most people. I found Chris to be an essential part of the team and would always look to her for her advice, both in our past projects and in the present.

Any business that is lucky enough to work with her will most definitely increase their productivity and not regret their decision!

Grant Black

Solution Consultant at Invenco Group Limited
Worked closely with Chris both when she was representing ExxonMobil, and later when we worked together across a number of projects.

A passionate and tireless advocate for getting the right solution delivered into end-customer hands, Chris has an excellent eye for detail and ensures a high quality product is provided on time. A valuable team member to have.

Kerry Saberton

Learning and Development Consultant at Jigsaw Professional Development
I have worked alongside Chris on a number of projects and found her focused, driven and highly experienced.

Chris has a fabulous way of getting buy in from those around her and she makes sure she leads from the front rather than manages from the back. Her mix of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills makes her a highly sought after Project Lead and I, as well as a good deal of others that I know, actively seek to work with her.

When you work alongside Chris you work hard...she inspires others around her and I have seen first hand how people respond to her, her incredible work ethic and her fabulous sense of humour. She is able to get seemingly impossible tasks and projects off the ground and completed when most of us don't know where to start!

Any opportunity you get to work with Chris, grab it with both hands!