Dynamic New Zealand is not your average consultancy.

We are a team of people with extraordinary talent, skills and experience.
Think of us as your temporary extended workforce: a collective group of consultants who are top performers in their fields, ready to work with you to help your organisation achieve its full potential.
Key areas where we’ve unleashed our power:
Industry experience includes: Fuel & Oil, Aged Care, Telecommunications, Health, Fleet Management, Event Management and Fuel/Payment Cards
Card payments / POS solutions
CEO / COO expertise
Business process improvements
Technology / Infrastructure / Software Solutions & Analysis
Business Management and Accounting
Event Facilitation
Sales and Business Development
Customer and Relationship Management
Coaching and Mentoring
Project Management (Software & Solution Development, Change Management)
Why choose Dynamic NZ?
We’re experienced.
Each of our consultants has spent more than 15 years refining their skills, working for some of the biggest corporations in New Zealand and the world.
We’re multi-skilled.
While most consultancies specialise in a single area, we combine the expertise of specialists in several key fields to provide a truly comprehensive service.
We’re efficient.
We assimilate quickly into new environments and get the job done with a minimum of support and supervision.
We’re flexible.
We’ll work anywhere in New Zealand, with companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a SME seeking a mentor or a large corporate needing an interim CEO, we can help.
We’re discreet.
We live and breathe our values around honesty, professionalism, discretion and confidentiality – all of which are addressed in our client agreements.
The Dynamic Duo
We are Chris and Liza, the founders of Dynamic NZ.

As per the dictionary definition of dynamic, we’re “positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas” and “characterised by constant change, activity, or progress”.

After spending 20 years working for some of New Zealand’s most successful companies, we decided to put our skills to use on a wider scale; to create a consultancy that brings together real people offering real solutions to the challenges businesses face, without the usual red tape and jargon.

We’ve assembled a talented team of professionals, each specialising in a unique area of business. When you work with Dynamic NZ, you don’t gain the ideas and insight of a single person, but the collective superpowers of an entire team covering every base.