Liza Cox-Hancy

A modern-day pied piper, Liza is a natural leader who others want to follow. She has held CEO, COO and CFO roles across a broad range of sectors including Aged Care, Banking, Mortgages, Payment Cards and Vehicle Fleet Management.

In times of crisis and complexity, Liza remains calm and level-headed– qualities she attributes to her IT and accounting background. She has a remarkable ability to seek the best outcome for people while also applying her financial background to skilfully balance the needs of the business.

Liza is passionate about technology; she’s often called on to explain technical concepts in a simplified way so everyone can understand.

In her spare time, Liza is always up for a DIY challenge (especially if it involves power tools) or a scenic road trip in her sleek coupe. She’s also a music-lover; listening to classic ‘80s rock from her growing vinyl collection is one of her favourite ways to unwind after a tough day.

Liza is a safe pair of hands you can trust to nurture your business and mentor your most valuable resource – your people – while setting strategic plans for the future and taking the business to where the potential lies.

Chris Cox-Hancy

Chris approaches any challenge with a level of passion that’s hard to match. Highly motivated and wired to go ‘above and beyond’, she loves nothing more than bringing projects to life.

Chris has worked in a wide range of roles including IT, operations, retail and marketing, and has spent the last 15 years leading multimillion dollar projects focused on technology deliverables.

She combines technical and marketing smarts with an ability to bring people together in an effortless way, ensuring every project runs like clockwork – on time and on budget.

Chris also enjoys tackling new challenges outside work and can often be spotted cycling over Helensville’s rolling hills in preparation for a triathlon. But in spite of her competitive nature, she’s a family-oriented soul and is happiest spending time with wife Liza and their many friends.

A skilled leader, communicator and decision-maker, Chris will give focus and energy to your project and ensure it delivers.

Mark Innes-Jones

Mark is fascinated by people and their relationships to business. He loves learning what makes customers and employees tick, then applying this to make your venture the success it should be.

He can also sell ice to Eskimos.

A master of customer solution design, strategic evaluation and marketing, Mark will empower your sales staff to better understand your customer – which he believes is the key to improving sales performance and growing your business.

Outside work, ski enthusiast / zealot Mark spends much of his time racing down the slopes of Treble Cone or Austria. He’s also a classical pianist, keen cook and self-published author! In short, Mark is a big believer in the idea that we should be constantly learning and challenging ourselves – and can also help inspire this growth mindset in your sales team.

Charlotte Reynolds

Charlotte has enjoyed a busy corporate career with various roles in sales, ticketing, territory management, event organisation, marketing and learning & development.

She has developed and refined many volumes of training material and operation manuals into usable content for all different types of roles, and levels of learning.  

After hours, her superpowers include being a fantastic "uber driver" to an uber-busy tweenie and chasing two nutty poodles about the beach as often as possible.

Charlotte also runs a small online store, so understands aspects of small business and being a jack of all trades from admin to sales. She knows that task lists and detailed planning really help deliver a fantastic project and will help your project zoom to life. 

Christine Augusto

An Ironman athlete, adventure racer and all-round lover of life, Christine is the living embodiment of the phrase “anything is possible”. She spent 10 years travelling the world with her profession (UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Fiji and Barbados), planning events from exclusive soirees and large-scale international sporting tournaments.

Christine treats every event as a bespoke project, taking the client’s needs, objectives and budget into account and creating a solution to suit. She makes event execution look easy, and can provide a master class to navigating behind-the-scenes contingences so that every aspect is covered.

In planning an event, Christine will make sure yours is a success and bring you the return on investment that is so rarely achieved. Whether you want a quick planning session or you need someone to step in and take charge, Christine is here to help.

Penelope Burgess

Once in a lifetime you find a Business Analyst that has super powers you never knew existed until they demonstrate them to you - introducing Penelope.

Penelope has spent the past 20 years dedicated to making a difference, be that in her work career or her personal escapades. She will give anything a go, including jumping out of a perfectly good plane for a tandem skydive to make sure she kept her friend honest!

Penelope can dive into the detail and understand the inner workings of a project lightening fast by applying an outstanding common sense approach, backed up by her accounting acumen, and her IT nous. She will always consider her customer's needs when considering the solution and has an attention to detail that is staggering.

Bringing her sense of humour to a team, Penelope has a way of helping everyone immediately feel at ease and in safe hands.